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Welcome to the Earthsensitives discussion forums. A continuation of It is a gathering place for earthquake sensitives mostly, but we welcome newcomers and those that just have an interest. Most posting here are physically or emotionally sensitive to earthquakes or volcanoes in advance of their occurrence. Many are sensitive to weather, man made and natural disasters as well. Some use dreams and intuitive hunches. A few use more scientific approaches. Others a combination of all. Some of these people have long suffered with this sensitivity and have a long history of predicting earth movement activity with a higher than mere chance of probability. All have been putting themselves out there on the line, hoping to be able to save lives in the future. We all have many varied interest with earthquakes being the common thread that binds us together. Please, respect one another and let's try and make this a Safe Haven.

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Be kind - follow the rules of engagement as writen by the owner of this board - Mary. 1. Title posts, as in those that specify a distinct geographical area, like Central U.S.A., California, Russia/China, are for strictly earthqauke discussion only. Though this is Dianes' board and she does allow for "off topic", for the sake of research, and ease of searching future quakes we should try and keep it to a minimum on those threads. 2. All other headings or titles not denoting a specific area, as in Expect Large Quake, Intuitive insights, and any other non specific threads are fair game and open to "off topic" discussions. 3. Try to keep "Mudslinging" to a minimum. Do not fan the flames. No personal attacks. Or "nuclear disarmament" may be necessary. Please, lets try and "respect" one anothers beliefs. We may not all agree or get along all the time, but I will defend to the end, anyones rights to their own beliefs and opinions, weather I agree with them or not. 4. Delete only your own personal authored "reply" posts only. Deleting the main "Topic", deletes the entire thread. That is unfair to individuals with replies to your "Topic." So, Understand before you post "New Topic" that that material will remain here on the net for "ETERNITY". So, now that I've calmed down a bit, basically boils down to about the same as the #1 Rule in my house, "Don't piss off the Grandma". Past experience has taught us it is best not to respond to a "negative" post. If you feel you must then at least take it to the "Lets Talk" forum off the main board: The main board can be reached by clicking on "Earthsensitives" at the top left of any page.
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